Hermit crabs have soft, unprotected abdomens they protect by moving into some other creature's cast-off shell. When natural seashells aren't available, however, they'll crabbily move into some uncouth human's cast-off trash.


Head Case

The Top 10 Weird & Bizarre Artificial Hermit Crab Shells

Not even the hosting website knows where this creepy “skull crab” image originally came from but at least we can be assured it's most likely a photoshop and not real. We CAN be assured that, right? RIGHT?? (image via My Confined Space)


Like A Brick House

The Top 10 Weird & Bizarre Artificial Hermit Crab Shells

New squid in the block? Heh, he probably gets that all the time since trading his cramped sea snail shell for this awesome Megablok. Imagine stepping on THAT in the middle of the night, yikes! We do have some love life advice for this small-block-crabby: don't mate with any other Megablok-totin' hermit crabs – you might never be able to disengage. (image via Imgur/brb4ever)



In The Pink

artificial Hermit Crab shell

Does this plastic container cap make me look fat? Maybe not, but we'd hardly call that look a show stopper... get it? Show stopper. OK, that was bad and we feel bad. (image via Neil DeMaster)  


Can Shelled

artificial Hermit Crab shell

So what's a can of crab go for these days? Well, this one goes pretty much anywhere it pleases thanks to its lightweight, impact-resistant metal “shell”. Better enjoy life while you can, dude, and don't forget the immortal words of Neil Young: rust never sleeps. (image via NaturalSelections / Nina Finley)           


Beer Goggles

artificial Hermit Crab shell

Uh guys, there's no use fighting over this "shell" since none of you can hope to shift it... well, obviously there's no use talking to them, they're drunk and it's WAY past closing time. Could be worse, of course... someone might jam a slice of lime in after them. (image via Eric Lanning)   


Cap Space

artificial Hermit Crab shell

Good thing hermit crabs don't embarrass easily (or at all - we're not sure) because the translucent plastic cap appropriated and adapted by the above decapod leaves little to the imagination. This critter's got a bright future as a centerfold in PlayCrab magazine. (image via Pavel Kirillov)


A Leg Up

artificial Hermit Crab shell

Call him (or her) the Chairman (or Chair-person) of the floorboards. This resourceful hermit crab is welcome houseguest 'cuz its nifty chair-foot shell won't scuff up your pricey hardwood floors. Then again, if you've got crabs in your home, maybe there are other issues you need to address. (image via Steven Brewer)

Hey There Doll Face

The Top 10 Weird & Bizarre Artificial Hermit Crab Shells

Hermit crabs using flotsam and jetsam for their shells can be kinda weird but when they use discarded and discombobulated doll heads, well, that's just creepy.

Check out our earlier in-depth look at one such doll-crab conjunction here but wait, it gets worse: the hair-raising practice has been noted more than just once. Maybe the crabs LIKE crawling around with their soulless, hairless, eyeless doll heads, freaking everyone out. Enjoy a nervous chuckle now but... what happens when the crabs run out of doll heads to occupy, hmm? (image via Taipei Times)