Americans love their pets and though the affection we feel for our cats and dogs is beyond compare, the percentage of households that own a pet does vary from one state to another. We're counting down the top 10 pet-owning states in the USA, as compiled by Dogtime


10) Wyoming

The Top 10 Pet-Owning States In The USA - Wyoming

Tenth place on our list belongs to Wyoming, which is coincidentally the tenth-largest state by area. 61.8% of Wyomingites (yes, that IS the correct demonym) own either a dog, a cat, or both. Wyoming is one of the nation's least densely populated states ranking 49th out of 50 as only Alaska is more sparsely settled. (image via PetHOSPITALITY   


9) Idaho

The Top 10 Pet-Owning States In The USA - Idaho

Number 9 is Idaho, “The Gem State”, where an even 62% of households features at least one pet. Idahoans appear to have a soft spot for cats as 34.6% of households harbor at least one feline, placing it the 8th on the ranking of cat-owning states. Sorry, Napoleon Dynamite, llamas aren't included. (image via Pet Insurance Plans  


8) West Virginia

The Top 10 Pet-Owning States In The USA - West Virginia

At 62.1% of all households, West Virginia barely noses out Idaho to reach 7th place in national pet ownership. The Mountain State also ranks 5th in the percentage of dog-owning households with 45.8% and 6th in the percentage of cat-owners with 38.1%. (image via Charleston Gazette-Mail)     


7) Arkansas

The Top 10 Pet-Owning States In The USA - Arkansas

Arkansas checks in at number 7 in pet ownership with 62.4% of households owning at least one pet of any type. Arkansas was once home to so many black bears it garnered the informal nickname “The Bear State”, though the native population of Louisiana Black Bears has been substantially reduced due to human activity. Perhaps Arkansas should be re-named “The Dog State” since at 47.9%, the state leads the nation with the highest percentage of dog ownership. (image via Only In Arkansas            


6) Washington

The Top 10 Pet-Owning States In The USA

The “Evergreen State” of Washington clings solidly to 6th place on our pet ownership list with 62.7% of Washingtonian households owning at least one pet. Washington also ranks 5th in household cat ownership with 39% of all households owning at least one cat. (image via Plate Shack  


5) Maine

The Top 10 Pet-Owning States In The USA - Maine

In at number 5 with a healthy 62.9% level of household pet ownership is Maine. This far northeastern state is famous for its Maine Coon cats – the distinctive breed is the official state cat – and Mainers show their pride by ranking 2nd in the nation in household cat ownership. (image via CatAppy)          


4) Oregon

The Top 10 Pet-Owning States In The USA - Oregon

The Beaver State ranks 4th on our listing of household pet ownership in the USA with 63.6% of Oregonians owning at least one cat or dog. Oregon sits just behind Maine in cat ownership at 40.2% though the state doesn't have an official domestic cat to call its own. (image via TopTenz)       


3) South Dakota

The Top 10 Pet-Owning States In The USA - South Dakota

South Dakota claims third place on our list with a generous 65.6% of households owning at least one cat or dog. South Dakotans have a noted affinity for cats, as a solid 39.1% of households feature a cat – that's good enough for 4th in the nation when it comes to cat ownership. South Dakota's pet-related claim to fame comes courtesy of Mochi (above), a St. Bernard from Sioux Falls certified by Guinness World Records as being the dog with the longest tongue. (image via The Sacramento Bee)     


2) New Mexico

The Top 10 Pet-Owning States In The USA - New Mexico

The Land of Enchantment is also the second-highest when it comes to pet ownership. An admirable 67.6% of New Mexican households own at least one cat or dog with the latter seeming to be the preferred species: 46% of households own a dog, ranking the state just behind Arkansas in second place nationwide. (image via Eventbrite)   

1) Vermont

The Top 10 Pet-Owning States In The USA - Vermont

Congratulations to Vermonters; the Green Mountain State comes in furs-t place in household pet ownership at a sterling 70.8%! The state didn't make the top ten in dog ownership so it's been left to the cats who inhabit a whopping 49.5% of Vermont households – the most in the entire US of A.

By the way, you'll find the lowest percentage of pet-owning households in the District of Columbia... a mere 21.9%. Not really surprising, is it?  (image via Estately)