Paula Godwin did not see the rattlesnake she almost stepped on as she hiked an Arizona trail with her two dogs one fateful afternoon last summer. She owes her life  to her Golden Retriever pup, Todd, who took a bite on his face to protect his owner.

It Started Out As A Normal Afternoon

Paula Godwin had walked along the paved trail near her home many times with her two dogs. On this day, she almost stepped on a rattlesnake, but her 9 month-old puppy, Todd, jumped in front of her before the snake could attack and sustained a bite on his own adorable face. She grabbed the dog and ran down the hill to get him to an animal hospital, where he received anti-venom treatment. This brave puppy made a full recovery, but that is not the end of the story. (See: Khan Saves Baby From Snake Bite.)


Godwin Kisses Her Hero Pup, Todd
Photo Source: The Dodo

In her own words: "Todd jumped right in front of my leg where I surely would have been bitten. It bit the dog quickly on his face and then started rattling." She posted a picture on Facebook and wrote next to Todd's image: "This is what a hero looks like." (See; Pit Bull Rescues Owner From Oncoming Train.)


Todd The Furry Hero Pup
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The Arizona Diamondbacks Honor Todd Before A Game

This team named after a snake paid tribute to Todd with a ceremony before the game by welcoming him and Godwin with a salute as part of Heroes Weekend at Chase Field. (See: Hero Pug Receives Award.)

Since his recovery, Todd has become a celebrity in his home town. Godwin started a GoFundMe campaign to  raise $500 that will go to help other local dog owners pay for the anti-venom treatment. (See: Pit Bull Takes A Bullet Meant For Owner.)

Hey, Todd!

Way to go, buddy!

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Source: The Dodo