Want to  dress up your dog for the holiday season? Nothing brings a
smile in the short days of December than an adorable dog wiggling around
in a
cute outfit. So if you want to have your pup enjoying the Christmas
season in style, here are some tips and suggestions.

You can pick one or two of your favorites tips here or perhaps combine a bunch of ideas to come up with something spectacular for Christmas. (I picked red and white as my holiday color choices, but all of my tips here can easily apply to Christmas Green, Hanukkah Blue or whatever colors you love for the holidays.

How To Dress Your Dog For The Holidays


1. Plan Ahead For Deals

If you have the time and energy to do some thinking and shopping in advance, dressing your dog for the holidays can be a really fun way to enjoy the holiday season. You can even  scoop up some great holiday gear for ridiculously cheap if you buy some of the holiday items either right after Thanksgiving or after Christmas or other non-Christmas times of the year.  But if you did not get a chance to plan ahead, don't worry as there are still plenty of great deals available.

TIP: The really cute dog stuff tends to be very seasonal and sell out
quickly so if you really want your dog to get a particularly cute
outfit, you probably don't want to risk waiting for a sale.

2. Consider Starting With A Simple Collar

Unless you know that your dog is good about wearing outfits and will actually wear what you choose for her, start with something super simple and usable for the whole winter season.  

So instead of getting something very Christmasy,  perhaps try finding a really pretty collar that will work all season long like these red collars.What's great is that a red collar can also look terrific for Valentine's Day.

You can start with a basic dog collar that is really simple and elegant or go for something a bit more festive and funky.

I also love a peppermint design on collars for dogs for the holidays. They look distinctively festive and they are so fun to use. This peppermint candy one is cute but still very functional. 

You can stay with just a simple red dog collar for the early part of the holiday season and them to ramp
it up when it is closer to Christmas/ For Christmas and other special days, you can attach something more showy and fun to the basic red dog collar. For example, you can add a big red bow, a big poinsetta, a bell, fake gift wrapped boxes or whatever else seems like it would be fun to attach. 

Source: TempuraFriedHappiness

Adding a few plastic ornaments to your red dog collar can make for a really striking and terrific holiday outfit.

Image: MagicalnatureTour

To attach ribbons, poinsettia, ornaments or whatever else you want to the collar,
just get some needle and thread and use it to stick through the item you
want to attach to the collar and then wrap the thread around the collar
several times and tie it. You can just clip off the thread after the
season is over. Don't try to use tape or Velcro as you need the item to
stay on the collar as your dog moves around. Also, try not to attach anything too big or heavy so that your pup can stay comfortable and move around freely.

Or if you would rather get something ready made, there is an enormous selection of fancy red collars you can get for the holidays. I like like this one with a pretty bow built in.

3. Try Red Boots Or Socks

 Another simple way to dress up your dog for the holidays is to put some dog boot or socks on him. These  boots are not quite as Christmasy as I would like ideally but they are good high quality red boots for your dog.


If you want a more Christmas looking boots, these red and white sherpa fleece ones look adorable.  

And these red and gold dog booties are killer cute.

4. Choose Red If You Are Getting A Coat Or Sweater

If you use a coat or jacket for your dog in winter, consider getting one in red. It will keep her warm and also add a bright colorful cheeriness every time your dog wears it.(Make sure you check out all my tips on how to choose the perfect winter coat for your dog.)

This Whistler Dog Coat in red is cute and will keep your dog really comfortable. 


 You can also dress your dog in a simple red fleece vest or any cute red sweater if your dog does not need full cold weather protection.

Image: Buzzfeed

5. Add Special Christmas Holiday Items

For the lead up to Christmas, it's fun to wear some holiday basics. But for the big day or for special holiday occasions, it may be fun to put on some clearly Christmas gear. Of course you can get even  more into the holiday spirit and go as crazy as your imagination takes you.

One of the easiest things to do is have your dog put on a Santa Hat made especially for dogs.

Or perhaps some cute reindeer antlers?


If you are in the mood for something even more special., you can try a Christmas elf outfit

Or even get really serious about the holidays with a complete Santa Suit.


7. Mix And Match To Create Something More Special

If you want to go for something really special, you can make it more festive and fun by combining different pieces.  Try a hat and boots.Or some antlers and a red coat.

Here, you can see how combining a red collar and some red boots to get a heart meltingly cute outfit for the holidays.

Image: DogsofSF

Of course, if you get a few  basic Christmas pieces this year and get more in future years, soon, your dog will have an elaborate collection of Christmas items to choose from. Since red and white are the perfect colors to create a Christmas Capsule Wardrobe of mixable pieces for your dog, have fun mixing and matching.

Just remember not to go to overboard. There really is a point where your dog is wearing too much holiday decorations. 

Image:Original Source Unknown

Have a wonderful holiday season! May you and your dog have too much fun.

Image: PetFinders



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