Rescue dog gets posted on Tinder app
Henry   (image via Animal Ark Rescue)


Tinder, the popular app for dates — or as many users of the service call it, “hook-ups” — is now being enlisted for matchmaking of another sort, homeless pets. That’s right. One media savvy animal shelter worker in Columbus, Georgia, came up with the brilliant idea to post a hard to place dog named Henry on the dating site in the hope of finding him a forever home.


Miranda Morrison, a canine behavior and enrichment coordinator for the Animal Ark Rescue facility in Columbus, decided Henry’s case was special and she needed to take extra measures to try and find him a home. Henry, a three-year-old coonhound mix, has been at the shelter since February 2015. While he’s been adopted once, he was returned shortly after due to a surprise pregnancy in the family.

Matchmaking Services

Animal Ark Rescue dog Henry on Tinder

Morrison is now playing matchmaker by creating a profile for Henry outlining all of his attractive qualities. He’s listed as “Henry, 23” (that’s in dog years), and his profile goes like this:

My name is Henry. I am a doggo. I LOVE ADVENTURE! I like to spend my time on car rides, hikes or at the river/lake/pool. I am a nature enthusiast. I’d love to meet an active outdoorsy new best friend to explore with.

Other fun facts: I’m a connoisseur of squeaky toys, house trained, and know obedience.

Rescue Dogs

Since his profile first appeared on December 29, 2017, Henry has already gotten 22 matches. While no one has taken Henry up on his admirable skill sets, it’s still early yet, and the shelter hopes that their efforts will lead to an adoption soon. According to Morrison, “We’re just waiting for someone to actually come to the shelter to meet him.”

The Perfect Match

Knowing what you’re getting yourself into before adopting a pet of any kind is important. With animal shelters and rescues (especially no-kill shelters), you have the opportunity beforehand to objectively discover an animal’s traits. To a large extent, this allows you to realistically view the commitment prior to making it, which is always the smart thing to do — whether your perfect match has two legs or four.

Source: ABC News