2019 Great Backyard Bird Count


This can take as little as 15 minutes of your time this weekend, and you'll be helping ornithologists with their estimates of bird populations and migration patterns. It's a fun project!

All you have to do is register for the event at GBBC (that stands for Great Backyard Bird Count). If you signed up since 2013, you won't have to do it again; just use your former login information. Once you're on the site, you'll get directions to links that provide what you will need for the Bird Count. Here is a PDF which describes the process.


Lessons Motmot: Mary Jo Adams,Puntarenas Province, Monteverde, Costa Rica

Lessons Motmot: 2018 Contestent, Mary Jo Adams,Puntarenas Province, Monteverde, Costa Rica


You can download a form that's helpful to take with you, as it reminds you what data you need to collect for the Bird Count. You want to write down the name of the bird species, how many you see, in what area (e.g. street/park/ forest name), and at what time (or between what times).

If you can, take photos of the birds, that will help you to identify them clearly later. If you're a photographer, professional or amateur, you can submit your photos to the Bird Count and be entered in GBBC's yearly photo contest!


Dark-eyed Junco: Sujata Roy, Morrisville, NC, USA

Young boy participates in 2018 GBBC before school: Dark-eyed Junco: Sujata Roy, Morrisville, NC, USA


But taking photos will help you identify the birds too, in case you spot birds you're not familiar with. By the way, the GBBC helps you do that. You can click on this link to get a check list of birds found in your neighborhood and then look them up to make sure they match. Or, if you're taking photos on your smart phone, you can identify birds by using these online bird apps!


Merlin Bird ID App With Photo ID

Merlin Bird ID App With Photo ID has great reviews!


The Great Backyard Bird Count was started in 1998 by Cornell University Ornithology Lab and the National Audubon Society. It was the first online science project!

Be part of the GBBC this year! It's a great way to get 'into' birding and/or to refine your bird-watching skills.


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