Let's face it. Computer equipment can be a bit boring in appearance at
times. So why not brighten up your desk with this Adorable Ladybug
Computer Mouse

Adorable Ladybug Computer MouseAdorable Ladybug Computer Mouse

Okay, this mouse is intended for children, but why should they have all the fun?  This little ladybug has a sleek and polished look that appeals to adults as well. However, it is sized smaller for children's hands so probably not the best choice for adults with large hands.

Adorable Ladybug Computer MouseAdorable Ladybug Computer Mouse

The surface is a bright and shiny red with black spots, as you would expect. It also comes with the standard right and left click buttons and a scroll button. Just plug it in and you are ready to go. Since it is not a wireless mouse you have a better chance of no one walking off with it and losing it.

To order an Adorable Ladybug Computer Mouse for you or your kids, click here.

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