Tiger Woods' golf comeback isn't all it's quacked up to be thanks to a wandering duck who just found out what “FORE!” means.

Tiger Woods Scores A Birdie On Florida Golf Course

Woods appears to be hitting the ball with power and accuracy of late, though a recent drive at last Sunday's Honda Classic golf tournament looked more like something you'd see at a sideshow shooting gallery.

Things began well as Tiger tee'd up his drive on the eighth hole of the PGA National Golf Club's Champion Course in Palm Beach Gardens. A video of his shot posted by the PGA Tour to their official Twitter account shows what happened next...  

Tiger Woods Scores A Birdie On Florida Golf Course

The manicured greens and fairways at golf courses prove to be quite inviting for waterfowl. At times, however, the grassy swards turn into danger zones. On this occasion, a web-footed wanderer found itself in the wrong place at the wrong time as Woods' drive landed, bounced, and smacked it right in the ol' tail feathers!

No harm no “fowl”, to bend a phrase, as the mortified mallard rapidly regained its dignity and stalked away from the cheering crowd in the gallery. “Look out little guy!,” reads the caption on the PGA's tweet. “Tiger caught the Golden Goose.” No doubt he would have preferred an Eagle. (via UPI)