A few years ago, the son of a 97 year-old woman named Sophie Thomas was given a kitten to keep her  company. Little did anyone ever expect that one day this cat would become a hero and put herself in harm's way to protect her owner.

It All Started One Sunny Summer Afternoon

Sophie Thomas was peacefully gardening outside her home  in Clare County, Michigan when she found herself suddenly surrounded by four angry pit bulls. At first, she tried to  talk to them and shoo them way with her spade, but fer struck her  as they began to form a circle around her  and one of them lunged  froward and bit her arm. In defense, she hit the dog with her spade and the animal backed away, but a second one advanced growling with teeth barred. Thomas was terrified and never expected what happened next. (See: Levi The Three-Legged Pit Bull Saves Family from Gunman.)

Tiger To The Rescue

According to Thomas: "Suddenly Tiger came out of nowhere. She flew through the air and shot past me like a bolt of lightning. She just jumped right into the middle of them and then ran for the garage. She made herself a target and the dogs ran after her, giving Sophie some time to scramble  to safety inside. The dogs were unable to locate Tiger and eventually  left the yard, after which the cat came out of hiding and appeared at the back door. (See: Pit Bull Rescues Owner From Oncoming Train.)


Photo: Pinterest

While Tiger did sustain a swipe  to her nose and Sophie needed a Tetanus shot, both came out okay. The dogs have been quarantined and their owner fined. Sophie believes that Tiger saved her life. In her own words: "She is such a timid cat usually. I don't know what came over my angel that day, but she got a lot of love that night. She saved my life. I  always thank God that my cat came because she really helped me out." (See: Pit Bull Rescues Baby From California Fire.)

It is not known whether the dogs were abused or whatever may have caused their aberrant behavior, but Pit Bulls should not be stereotyped by this story because there are many more that speak of how loving devoted and gentle they are as pets.

Good job, Tiger!

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