Pouring food and water into plain old dishes for your dog and cat’s floor-side feast is so last-century, so let’s update your pet’s favorite furniture to reflect your chic modern home with these three artistic containers.




Certainly the most visually unique food and water bowls I could find, Felli-Pet’s contemporary containers combine form and functionality to present a series of pet dishes that would fit right in at an art gallery. I am especially impressed with their Oblik collection of curved and slanted cat food bowls, as they were designed to allow felines to eat out of the crystalline bowl in a natural eating position, as opposed to standing over a traditional bowl to reach the kibble inside. Oblik gets bonus points in my book for its cool see-through colors and easy-to-clean stainless steel surfaces! (My Joy would love this!)

Doca Pet



 Do you feel bad that your big dog has to hunch over to get a mouthful of food or water from that bowl all the way down on the floor? (I do! Poor Jessie…) Doca Pet’s vibrant steel bowl suspending furniture is made in a huge variety of colors, styles and with various materials so that your raised feeding set-up suits your dog, your living space, and you! I’m sure that Jessie, my longtime co-reviewer, would be absolutely thrilled with eating and drinking from the minimalistic “Wire and Dine” piece, but I’d have a tough time choosing between  all the various pet bowl options



Finally, AVPpet has a drinking fountain for everyone’s pets with natureSPA! This incredibly cool device circulates a large amount of water in a heavy-duty plastic basin using a running fountain system. Since the water continuously moves, it can never get stagnant, and the system contains other features to ensure your pet has an exceptional drinking experience, including replaceable filters and the model that utilizes a UV light designed to kill bacteria as water flows past the light. I don’t think that I mentioned this before, but Joy is a water-cat who would do anything to get the freshest drink possible. (She’d love this too!) Perpetually clean water for every type of pet? I’m sold!

Who said that feeding and watering your pets had to be boring? Do yourself and your four-legged pals a favor and upgrade to these superior meal holders!

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