There are a host of everyday presents that we can give to our dogs, cats and backyard bird buddies to make them happy, but what’s keeping you from going the extra distance and giving them something that all of the other animals on the block will be jealous of? Check out these choice select enrichment goods:


Mini Bird Feeders by Eva Solo





You know those old-school plastic house-shaped birdfeeders that every garden shop in the country has on display? Your birdy neighbors are far too sophisticated for such a pedantic placemat of a birdseed holder! Eva Solo has created a new twist with their slick orb shaped bird feeders made of crystal clear glass, which enables you to observe your feathered visitors at every angle. Not only that, but you’ll never have an excuse to top off the bird seed when it runs low!


Dogtek Digital Video Camera





Have you ever wondered what your dog does when you leave her at home? Now with Dogtek’s collar-mounted digital video camera, you can sit back and watch all of your dog’s antics from your PC. If you have a cat that leads an adventurous outdoor life, the kitty version should be an eye-opening experience. That is, once Boots wakes up from his 15 hour nap… Whether you get a first-person view of a high speed squirrel chase or a close encounter with the litter box, there’s no better way to see what your little buddy is up to when you’re not around!

The Cat Crib





Giving your cat her own Cat Crib hammock is a great idea on so many levels: It saves space since you won’t be tripping over another piece of cat furniture, kitty will be less likely to sleep (and shed!) on your human furniture, and since the hanging bed will likely be installed in a relatively dark and cozy place, there’s no question that she’ll love it!

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