Will your precious persnickety puss pass on this thousand dollar cat bed and prefer to cat-nap in the box it came in?       

Sakana Fish Bed from Tuft + Paw

The Sakana Fish Bed from Tuft + Paw isn't a bed for fish – that would be silly – though it IS shaped somewhat like fish or at least, like a fish skeleton. It's also a fact that cats like fish, though there's no guarantee your cat will like this bed no matter how much it costs.

Cats are like that... it's part of their “charm”. Hiding fish inside the bed might do the trick, and might make you feel better after blowing a ridiculous amount of “fins” and “clams” on a cat bed.  

Sakana Fish Bed from Tuft + Paw

But hey, we love our cats come rain or shine, and if your cat turns up his or her cute l'il nose at the Sakana Fish Bed then you've still got an interesting-looking piece of furniture and a semi-sad story to tell commiserating fellow cat-owners.

Indeed, as far as cat beds go the Sakana Fish Bed definitely IS interesting-looking. The 27.5” long by 18” wide by 16” tall frame is made from several dozen trimmed and smoothed birchwood ribs supported by a quartet of study fin/feet. A nifty non-functional tail fin completes the piscine architecture and the hollow space within holds a fitted, comfy, machine-washable cushion.

Sakana Fish Bed from Tuft + Paw

The overall design of the Sakana Fish Bed provides a secure and well-ventilated resting and sleeping space suitable for cats of almost any size – servals may be out of luck, though. The bed is shipped in kit form but is easily assembled on-site in about 30 minutes with the aid of included materials and an instruction manual.

So, is the Sakana Fish Bed worth a whopping $999? Somebody seems to think so, as the product page at Tuft + Paw states there are “only 4 left in stock” at press time. Better act fast if you want to be the only human on the block whose cat's bed costs more than their own.