A King Cobra searching for water in drought-stricken southern India struck a chord in a compassionate villager who offered the 12-foot-long serpent a lengthy sip from his water bottle.

Thirsty Thankful Cobra Drinks Direct From Villager's Water Bottle

Large snakes – venomous or otherwise – tend to be shy of humans and avoid villages and other urbanized places. The historic drought now plaguing the southern Indian states of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu has forced normally reticent wildlife of all kinds to expand their search for water, however.


The snake in the video above was one such thirsty wanderer and it must have been truly desperate to risk the ire of fearful villagers. Luck was on its side this time, however, as a local rescue worker discerned the reptile's intent and splashed some water from a bottle over its head. As can be seen, the snake then delicately sipped from the bottle held out by the brave (or foolhardy) villager. How, er, charming! (via Mashable)