You might slip up but your pet never will, thanks to these cute and practical corncob-themed dog socks featuring polyurethane non-slip soles.  

Non-Slip Corncob Dog Socks

Sure, corndogs suck but Corn Dogs rule! Now you can show your faith in America's breadbasket while ensuring your pet navigates hardwood floors with the sure-footed grip of a Rocky Mountain Goat, thanks to these corncob-themed non-slip dog socks from Awesome Store.

Non-Slip Corncob Dog Socks

These truly awesome dog socks are permanently dyed in spring green and golden yellow with black and white trim. They look great on any dog weighing under 32 pounds, and come in S, M and L sizes.

It doesn't matter if your pet belongs to the Children of the Corn or the children of the Smiths, these nifty non-slip dog socks won't “shock” you – statically or otherwise.

Non-Slip Corncob Dog Socks

The socks are made from a comfortable and durable polyester/nylon blend, while the white polyurethane non-slip pads are designed to stand up to repeated hand-washings.

Each order includes four non-slip dog socks which, much like your 4x4 off-road Jeepasaurus Rex, are interchangeable and can be rotated at regular service intervals. For more info and ordering instructions, please visit the Japanese-language product page at Awesome Store.