Tesla's 'Dog Mode'

"Boy, I sure didn't want to go out there in this heat, did you?"

"And burn my paws on the sidewalk? Heck, no!"


You know better than to leave your dog or any pet in your car, regardless of the outside temperature, as your car temperature could become much colder or considerably hotter than outside, and very quickly. In fact, most states have laws against leaving dogs and other pets in a hot or cold car and some states permit passersby to break into your car to save your poor pet if they see such abuse happening. (source)

Now, if you happen to have a Model S, Model X, or Model 3 Tesla that provides 'Dog Mode' for your car, the new download lets you set the cabin temperature in your car to a cool or cozy setting while you're gone so your pets can stay comfortably inside.

While your pets remain comfortable, the Tesla screen tells onlookers they are just fine!


Tesla 'Dog Mode'

My owner will be back soon. Don't worry! The A/C is on and it's 70º F


Bottom line: "We are safe and don't you dare try to break into this car!"

The owner can set the temperature at whatever level her pets are comfortable, which makes it absolutely lovely for the pets, who will be able to spend happy times looking out of the car and barking like crazy at the pets they see out on the street!

Of course this temperature setting will drain the Tesla battery and, as Tesla thinks of everything, the owner will be alerted by push notification if the battery level drops to 20 percent.

Just look at this!



Don't you have to love it?


via Teslarati

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