To follow up on an earlier story about Tesla's "Dog Mode," I want to share the news that the temperature-setting Dog Mode recently prevailed in a suit against an Irish dog owner who left his dog alone in his Tesla.


Tesla Dog Mode

Tesla's Dog Mode


It was a very hot day in Dublin, but Ross Hunt, owner of Loki the Poodle, left Loki locked up in his Tesla for about an hour. When he came back to his car, it was surrounded by a group of onlookers, including a police officer and a representative of the DSPCA (Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), who Hunt reported looked as if they were about to break into his car.

Hunt tried to explain the Dog Mode system to the officials, who had been called by a good samaritan that passed the car on her lunch hour, and seeing little Loki inside, became very alarmed for his safety.

Hunt told them that Loki was fine because Tesla's Dog Mode kept the inside temperature of the car set at 20 degrees (68 degrees Fahrenheit). The officials disregarded Hunt's story and would not go into the car to check the temperature. 


Tesla's Dog Mode

Was this screen open in Mr. Hunt's car? Hmm. (Photo via Teslarati)


After what I'm sure were some 'words' on both sides, Mr. Hunt was given a summons and had to appear in court. 


Loki Picture: Twitter @cainthus

Loki: Twitter @cainthus via


The DSPCA official claimed in court that Loki had been panting, had spilled his water dish, and was in a car that was not shaded by trees. He also said that Mr. Hunt's Dog Mode cell phone app showed the internal temperature of the car at 25 degrees (77 degrees Fahrenheit), not 20 degrees, as Mr. Hunt had said, creating a major discrepancy in the facts. Other witnesses also testified that Logi was in the well of the car under the dashboard trying to obtain some shade and that the dog's tongue was hanging out.

Mr. Hunt presented his animal lover's credentials by telling the court that his business was involved in monitoring animal welfare and that Loki went with him everywhere. An expert witness from Tesla provided testimony that the Dog Mode does controlTesla's internal temperature while the driver is away from the car.

Was the dog in danger? Was the temperature set at 20 degrees or 25 degrees?

The judge sided with Mr. Hunt and dropped the animal cruelty case against him. 


What you would think if you found a dog in a closed car on a hot day?  Even if you knew there was a Dog Mode in the car, if you saw a dog with his tongue hanging out, trying to hide from the sun, with no water in the car.... would have tried to find the owner like the bystanders did, and then call an animal protection agency? I would have.


via Irish News


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