Kittywalk Pet Gazebo: 'Catios' are perfect for keeping small pets safe outdoorsKittywalk Pet Gazebo: 'Catios' are perfect for keeping small pets safe outdoors


A lot of people feel better about keeping their cats indoors. They worry they might wander off and somehow disappear or even get catnapped, which is not as rare as you might think. Personally, I’ve had it happen and so have two of my friends. In two cases we got our cats back, but the third individual never saw their cat again, even though the catnapper left a note. While the note was actually pretty comical, it doesn’t change the fact that sometimes docile or overly friendly cats can fall prey to less than scrupulous people or, worse yet, coyotes (shudder). If you share these worries, you may want to invest in a catio.


What’s a catio? It’s a cat patio, and they’ve been increasing in popularity over the last 10 years. Lets face it: cats were not intended to live indoors. Further more, most cats love being outdoors, but not everyone lives somewhere that’s safe enough for that to happen. Catios provide a happy medium for pet owners that want to satisfy their cats’ urges to be as one with nature for at least a few hours a day yet remain safe from all the potential dangers listed above. While some folks go all out and build semi-permanent structures that attach to their homes, they may not be practical or affordable for everyone.


Mobile Pet Enclosure by Kittywalk: The Town & Country 'catio'Mobile Pet Enclosure by Kittywalk: The Town & Country 'catio'


Kittywalk Outdoor Pet Enclosures

That’s where brands like Kittywalk come in. Kittywalk Systems are the makers of several really great pet enclosures that allow cats and other small animals access to fresh air and sunshine without fear of escape. Plus, they can help with boredom and/or depression. These lightweight pet enclosures come in all shapes and sizes. They’re easy to assemble and take apart, which makes portability a breeze. Whether you want to move it across your yard or across town, you can take them with you anywhere. They even come with their own canvas carrying case complete with a handle.

Town & Country

One of their models, known as the Town & Country, features a long access tunnel and multi-level lounging area complete with four different hammocks, for total kitty relaxation, along with two weather resistant canvas awnings to provide shade. At nearly 30 cubic feet of play space, it can easily accommodate multiple cats. Like the other pet enclosures they offer, the Town & Country can be linked up. That means you can buy different Kittywalk units and basically connect them, providing even more space for your furry little friends. This way they don’t feel caged quite so much. My sister has this model, and her cats love it. There’s an outdoor protective cover for the unit, too, for use in inclement weather.  


Cat Tepee from Kittywalk: Portable 'catio'Cat Tepee from Kittywalk: Portable 'catio'


Mobile Pet Enclosure Products

Some of the designs the company has are just too cute. One looks like a little gazebo or pavilion, another a condo tower, another is called the Carnival Pet Containment Gym, but my favorite for downright adorable is the Cat Tepee. Holy cow is it cute! Made of solid steel, nylon rip-stop netting and weather-resistant canvas, it offers three comfy levels for multiple cats. This unit is also movable, which makes it easier for mowing the lawn. And speaking of movable, the group also makes mesh enclosed pet strollers, in case you’re thinking of getting one. For mobile pet enclosures, I can say from personal experience this brand is definitely worth considering.

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