One of the newest textile technologies is a Swiss fabric finish called
NanoSphere®. It is a biomimicry solution to the wearing down of textiles occurring
as a result of repeated washings and dry-cleanings. Inspired by the morpho
butterfly whose wings repel dirt and oil, NanoSphere's nano-technology shield
does so in a similar fashion, allowing water to rinse off those particles, with
little to nothing being absorbed by the fabric, not even the water.

What better use of NanoSphere fabric finish but for the textiles worn and used close to the skin of our pets. Whether it's dirt, body oil, or bodily or wound
secretions, fabrics in bedding and clothing normally absorb them and become a
source of bacteria and odors that need to be washed regularly; doing this,
however, reduces the longevity of the item and consumes resources.

Dog Gone Smart™ is designing and manufacturing dog jackets, and dog and cat beds made from a
cotton NanoSphere fabric, and will soon debut a line of horse blankets and
saddle pads made of the same material. This is a welcome technology to the pet
world. It enables a healthier environment for pets and people, reduces use of toxins
used in cleaning solutions, and reduces energy.


Dog Gone Smart Dog Products

The Dog Gone Smart dog beds are selling at in many shapes, sizes, and colors....




And there are also crate pads designed to fit small medium and large crates in the same NanoSphere material, for when your pup is crate-training.



You will appreciate the NanoSphere material on the pet blankets and throws, as well.



The Dog Gone Smart Dog Jacket is so very smart too, in two styles and several colors





Dog Gone Smart Cat Beds

These are the cushiest cat beds I've seen. They allow your kitty just the kind of hiding space she needs for one of her very long naps. Choices can be found here; ask webmaster for product specific retailers.




Dog Gone Smart Equine Products

Though the horse blankets and saddle pads are not on the market as of this writing, they promise to be the most technologically advanced equine gear when they do come out... soon. These products will not only feature the NanoSphere technology, but a bacteriostatic finish to further reduce the spread of bacteria. Here are two previews....




Here is a still photo of how the fabric responds
to water...



... off a duck's back, off a butterfly's wings, off a lotus leaf...
Biomimicry has made its way to the pet industry for cleaner, safer, and greener

NanoSphere is certified ecologically clean by bluesign®, an
international standard that "guarantees the highest possible exclusion of
substances which are harmful to humans or the environment and promotes the
economical use of resources in manufacturing.

For those products not available on, visit Dog Gone Smart
to request specific information about the product you would like.


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