We ain't kitten, your posh purring puss really doesn't have to be a British Shorthair to enjoy the Cuppa Tea teabag cat toy.      

The 'Cuppa Tea' Catnip Teabag Toy

Cats and kittens of all sizes, ages and breeds love to play AND get off on catnip so why not combine those two pleasures to make your furry BFF twice as happy? Cat products and accessories experts Tuft + Paw hears that question loud and clear, and you'd better believe they've got the answer.

Indeed, the folks at Tuft + Paw have got the science of cat toys down to a tea, so to speak, and they're bringing it to a boil with the Cuppa Tea cat toy. Manufactured with natural materials – barring the polyester tag – and infused with the cloying fragrance of catnip, this minimalist yet charming cat toy puts a little “english” on the art of feline entertainment.

The 'Cuppa Tea' Catnip Teabag Toy

Indoor cats crave stimulation and the Cuppa Tea cat toy packs a surprising amount of entertainment value into a small (4” by 4”) package. The bag portion is made of soft yet durable linen and the attached cotton string is tipped with the aforementioned polyester tag. It'll take a kitten's lickin' & kickin' and keep right on a-tickin'!

Don't wash 'em... doing so will “neuter” the catnip. No pun intended, fixed kittehs! For more information and ordering instructions, please visit the product page at Tuft + Paw : Modern Furniture for Cats.