Daniel the donkey got himself in hot water after he steeped er, stepped on a kettle and couldn't get it off his hoof.

Tea'd Off Donkey Steps On Kettle, Pays Steep Price

Yet another case of the pot calling the kettle black? Not quite: even though Daniel the donkey DOES have a black coat, the kettle he stepped on looks as polished as his rescuers – firefighters from North Yorkshire Fire Services in Whitby, UK. No doubt the latter were only too happy to be dealing with an emergency that wasn't either a tree'd cat or, say, a fire.

Our story begins (and ends) in the bucolic burg of Whitby, a seaside town of roughly 13,000 souls situated in the Scarborough borough of North Yorkshire, England. Sources don't state exactly where in Whitby the incident took place but other relevant details are as clear as a bell: a donkey named Daniel stepped on a kettle, which became affixed to his hoof, which prompted a cacophony the likes of which had never been... well, you get the picture.

Tea'd Off Donkey Steps On Kettle, Pays Steep Price

As incidents regarding donkeys stepping on tea kettles aren't covered in the more common donkey owner's manuals, Daniel's owner found him- or her-self uhh... what's that word the English so often use? Ah yes, “gobsmacked”! Calling 9-9-9 (the UK's version of 9-1-1) was out of the question as the dispatcher was likely to either laugh, or accuse the owner of staying too long at the pub. Probably both. What to do? Call the local fire brigade, of course!

Events would prove the decision to be prescient as there's a North Yorkshire Fire Services branch in Whitby and they responded with all due speed – and no questions asked. Upon arriving at the scene, “Crews used pliers to release Daniel's hoof and left him with his owner,” according to a tweet from the NYFS. As for Daniel, a fire services representative reported that Daniel was left uninjured by either the mishap or the rescue, adding that he immediately trotted over to rejoin his fellow donkeys (for a coffee, no doubt) after being de-kettled.