These clever full-body tattoo sleeves keep your hairless Sphynx cat feeling warm and looking cool.

Tattoo Sleeves For Cats Are Like Inks For Your Sphynx

It's the next-best thing to tattooing your cat... make that the ONLY thing, 'cuz tattooing cats (or pigs) just ain't kosher. What we're trying to say is, your cat can be as edgy as a yakuza without any of the drawbacks – no offense to any actual yakuza cats who might be reading this. All it takes is the will to roll up your tattooed sleeves and get down to it!

Tattoo Sleeves For Cats Are Like Inks For Your Sphynx

The concept of tattoo sleeves for cats is the brainchild of Airie McCready, a California-based artist and designer who runs SimplySphynx, at Etsy shop specializing in clothes, accessories and toys for these uniquely appealing hairless felines.

The sleeves not only look awesome, they serve a practical purpose in that Sphynx cats, Devon Rex cats, and other fur-challenged breeds often feel chilly indoors or out. Of course, “regular” cats love feeling comfy and cozy as well, and tattoo sleeves are loose and stretchy enough for even long-haired cats to enjoy.    

Tattoo Sleeves For Cats Are Like Inks For Your Sphynx

Airie owns six cats (three Sphynxes and three Devon Rexes) so she's never short of models for her creations. Being a devoted cat owner and responsible online entrepreneur, she demands her fabric suppliers use non-toxic ink and kitten-safe material – she then sews the sleeves herself or contracts out to a trusted seamstress.

For more information, visit SimplySphynx and browse their extensive selection of cat tattoo sleeves. With four adult cat sizes and four kitten sizes to choose from, your moggy will certainly find beauty that isn't skin-deep.