If you've been cruising pet shops near and far searching for the coveted Orange Baboon Tarantula, get back in your car and go home. Most pet shops don't carry the so-called OBT (Orange Bitey Thing) though they're very popular with hobbyists due to their striking appearance.

What to do? Well, you can do what most spider fanciers do and order your chosen arachnid online. Taobao seller Hama Papa will be more than happy to fill your order though be advised: the tarantula you order is (a) a very small larval specimen and (b) it will only become orange if fed and cultivated properly. The latter isn't a big issue because Hama Papa also sells the necessary tarantula foods and supplements.

It's not surprising why those into owning pet tarantulas prize the Orange Baboon Tarantula (Pterinochilus murinus). This old-world tarantula native to sub-Saharan Africa can grow up to 4–6 inches in size, and adults sport strikingly beautiful star-shaped patterns on their carapaces. They're also appreciated for their feisty personality.

Perhaps “feisty” isn't the right word. “This species is incredibly defensive and should not be held,” according to the Wikipedia entry on Pterinochilus murinus. “The bite of this species, while not serious, is extremely painful." Geez, might as well just order an orange baboon, at least you can groom each other.

But wait, there's more: "Moreover, the species is more than willing to inflict such a bite before presenting the typical threat display. Caution when dealing with this species is advised.” Yep, just like your average psycho pitbull but smaller, with more legs.

If you don't mind dealing with large spiders that “are normally very aggressive and have one of the worst bites of all tarantula species, having been known to have a bite more painful than that of a rattlesnake,” then by all means visit the Hama Papa website and electronically pay the 16.80 yuan (about $2.70) fee, plus shipping.

Oh, and be sure to tip your mailman a little extra this year, their job's a lot more stressful than you might have thought.