Tale Of Three Amigos: A Lab, A Neighborhood Dog & A Goat

It's interesting to think that our domesticated have picked up a human trait or two over the centuries. Who doesn't remember that time in your youth when the 'wanderlust' gene kicked in and you decided to hit the road. That time when you just wanted to experience what was different from your local surroundings. Taking a trek based on whim was both romantic and challenging.

Well, this tale is about how one dog who decided to abandon the security of his hearth and home, to seek adventure.  Perhaps his backyard was becoming to hum-drum. Perhaps he lacked companionship. Perhaps, he just craved the wide open space of what nature could afford him.

The Departure

Bo, the beloved black Labrador owned by the Krier family of Concordia, Kansas is the dog this particular story is about.

It started on a cold wintry night in January, when Laura Krier decided to let Bo out to relieve himself, before they all retired for the evening.

"My wife told me there was another white dog in our yard and Bo took off and would not come back," Laura's husband Kyle wrote in a online posting [which at the time of this posting exceeded more than 10 million views on Facebook.]

"We looked all over the place for him and could not find him. We decided to go home and wait for him to come back but he never did. I went out in the morning to look for him and found no sign of him anywhere," added Kyle.

The Search

According to a People's report, the family became worried that Bo would get into more trouble than he could handle, out in the world on his own. So, they started a search party to scout their local community. The family didn’t have any luck until the next morning when they received a call from someone, who had just seen a dog that looked like Bo running around with a few other animals in a field six miles away.

The Surprise

Kyle jumped into his red truck and drove out to the reported location. There he spotted the scene his neighbor had described on the phone. He saw his dog Bo running around followed by two other animals. Kyle called out to Bo and then filmed what happened next


Bo, the lost dog

Mystery solved

Apparently Bo did not want to go on his adventure alone. He enlisted the company of two friends: Libby, another dog and Ozzy, a goat. Bo's two friends belonged to the Krier family's neighbors, Chris and Shawna Huggans.

On the scene, Bo was the first to climb up the stairs into the Krier's pickup truck with Libby closely behind. Not wanting to be left out, Ozzy gamely clambered up into the cabin of the vehicle as well . . . no kidding!  All ended well, and I'm sure has put the Krier's on the alert for the next time they let Bo out alone.

Primary Source: People