I make sure to take Scribbles, my Yorkie pal, with me whenever I can, but there are times when carrying her directly or juggling a leash along with whatever else I’m lugging around can be a pain. It’s a good thing that the following three designer dog tote makers are there to help our little friends!


Inspired by high fashion and quality construction, the Petote crew has been hard at work designing fancy doggie totes for dog owners looking for the perfect way to include their pup as an accessory since 2001. With a massive back catalog of styles, colors, sizes and fabrics to choose from, it might take you a while to settle on a favorite!


The best thing about Sturdi Products’ SturdiBags is how each colorful tote clearly serves its own unique purpose to best match everyone’s needs. Whether you have to haul multiple pets, give your pup a comfortable seat for the road trip, or simply need a durable bag to carry your pooch in, you’ll want to look through the SturdiBag collection to find the best way to make travel time easier for everybody.


Petego has safely set up shop on the corner of Italian design and American durability with their huge line of swanky pet carriers. I’m especially impressed with Petego’s uniquely innovative Messenger Pooch Pouch for its utilitarian design (It looks like the perfect hands-free solution for me and Scribbles!), padded interior, as well as the bag’s posh color scheme. The Petego team deserves bonus points in my book, since I couldn’t find a single bag that wouldn’t complement our style while we’re out and about.

Which stylish tote would you use to lug your pug around town? Don’t forget that you can find the vast majority of each brand’s collections on Amazon, and to share your favorites in the comments below!

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