We must be at Peak Turtle 'cuz this set of four Mountain Turtle figurines pays homage to some of the world's most famous mountains and volcanoes.     

Take A Sneak 'Peak' At These Mountain Turtle Figurines

It's not the mashup we (or anyone, really) asked for but it's most definitely the mashup we deserve: turtles and/or tortoises with miniaturized mountains taking the place of their shells!

Kudos to designer Keisuke Okada for conceiving this curious yet somehow comforting concept, and Takara-Tomy Arts for biting the bullet and putting the set into production. It's one thing to replace a testudine's trademark shell with a similarly hill-like mountain peak. Matching up the reptiles with complementary summits is another thing altogether. We have to say the resulting pairs are, for lack of a better word, inspired!

Take A Sneak 'Peak' At These Mountain Turtle Figurines

You've got Mount Everest – our planet's tallest mountain – riding a Giant Tortoise with the combo tinted a chill shade of blue-gray. Next comes an angry Snapping Turtle toting Hawaii's most active volcano, Kilauea, in a truly hot hue of basalt black topped with with orange lava.  

Pet-owners just love Box Tortoises and this one's distinguished by a strikingly verdant Mount Washibatake on its back. The 9,593-ft high granite mountain located in west-central Japan's Toyama prefecture is reproduced in startling detail, down to the small Washu Pond near its summit. The tortoise figurine also sports a beautiful star-patterned belly, as can be seen in this detailed review of the set.

Take A Sneak 'Peak' At These Mountain Turtle Figurines

Last but not least, Japan's iconic Mount Fuji is perfectly paired with a cerulean blue Sea Turtle. All four figurines are made from PVC plastic and measure roughly 2” to 2.5” in length. As they're made for coin-operated Gachapon machines, the Mountain Turtles are packaged in clear plastic capsules and are accompanied by an educational fact book.

Gachapon machines are making inroads into North American malls and markets but there are options for those who can't wait and need their Mountain Turtle fix pronto. Please visit the product page at Global Rakuten for ordering instructions. (via Toy People News)