Mask hysteria marches onward as chocolate Easter bunnies from a renowned Swiss bakery display their love for life by wearing sweet white surgical masks.     

Swiss Chocolate Easter Bunnies Sport Sugary Surgical Masks

The Bäckerei Bohnenblust (aka the Bohnenblust bakery and café) in Bern, Switzerland is famed for its shocking pink facade and the wealth of sumptuously decadent baked goods created, displayed and sold within.

All well and good, but the cozy cafe set in the heart of Bern's Breitenrain district has a new claim to fame: chocolate Easter bunnies sporting tiny white surgical masks!    

Swiss Chocolate Easter Bunnies Sport Sugary Surgical Masks

Situated just north of Lombardy, the epicenter of Italy's devastating coronavirus outbreak, Switzerland has been hit hard by COVID-19. At press time, the Alpine nation has notched well over 11,000 confirmed cases and almost 200 fatalities.

The indomitable Swiss are proving their resilience in a number of ways, however, and these cute yet sobering masked chocolate Easter bunnies are a prime example.  

Swiss Chocolate Easter Bunnies Sport Sugary Surgical Masks

Though they're anything but traditional, Bohnenblust bakery's masked bunnies appear to have struck a chord with customers according to co-manager Ruth Huber. No doubt the small red confectionery heart affixed to each and every mask helps soften the impact, besides tasting yummy!

Not everyone is enamored with the mask-wearing chocolate Easter bunnies, mind you. Could it be the subject strikes a little too close to home for some, or could the price (8.5 Swiss francs or roughly $8.80 each) be prompting the infamously thrifty Swiss to... feel the Bern? (via