paralyzed kitten regains mobility with acupuncture
How sweet is that face?!?!  (image via @KittenXLady)


Here’s one for the books. A six-week-old kitten suffering from partial paralysis in her back legs was rescued from a shelter by a kindhearted soul who was willing to take on the special needs cat, regardless of her condition. Okay. While that’s pretty remarkable in itself, that’s not even the “oh, wow!” part. The kitten, which was named Chloe by her new adoptive family, has evidently regained some movement in her legs and tail after receiving acupuncture!

Neurological Damage

Before the treatment, Chloe’s rescuers were informed by a local vet that her neurological damage probably stemmed from a broken back due to being stepped on. If that weren’t enough, it was determined she might not even make it to adulthood, considering all of her ailments. Unwilling to give up on Chloe that easily, her new mom, an Instagram user going by the name @KittenXLady, decided to seek alternative forms of treatment for the adorable little girl.


parlyzed kitten regains mobility through acupuncture
Chloe before her first treatment  (image via @KittenXLady)


Chloe was brought to a facility called City Paws Animal Hospital, where she underwent the age-old therapy. According to a post from @KittenXLady on Instagram,“Chloe’s first acupuncture experience exceeded our wildest expectations. She began to kick her legs, move her tail, and even STAND UP. This is incredible. Bear in mind that this is just a very small victory on a long road, but we now are looking ahead with more optimism than ever.”

3D Printers

Since that time, Chloe has been given a shot at further mobility after being fitted with a frame and a pair of tiny wheels. “This lightweight aluminum and 3D printed frame helps Chloe’s back stay stable so she can practice being upright, and the harness snaps into place and provides a soft cradle for her body,” @KittenXLady noted. “Although her legs only have minor movement now, my hope is that over time she’ll be able to practice walking with this device.”


paralyzed kitten regains mobility with acupuncture
Chloe & her 3D printed frame (image via @KittenXLady)

Modern Technology in Medicine

This isn’t the first time 3D printers have been employed in animal medicine. The technology has also been used to help a dog and a duck regain mobility, too. If you know of any similar stories to these three, please share them with us below.