The SureFlap Cat Door knows when your cats are coming and going.  It
recognizes them.  But, fair warning: You can't hoard cats if you want to
have a SureFlap Cat Door;  It can only identify up to 32 of them.


SureFlap Cat Door, like 'Open Sesame' to Ali BabaSureFlap Cat Door, like 'Open Sesame' to Ali Baba


SureFlap Cat Door, solidly constructedSureFlap Cat Door, solidly constructed


Yes, the SureFlap Cat Door can be easily programmed to read your cat's microchip, whether you have one cat or 32.  SureFlap's electronic reading of the chip is 'open sesame,'  to the magic door that opens just for kitty to come home again.  It's smart too, as it reads most types of chip.

But no intruders - no possums, no rats, not even neighborhood cats - can enter, so your own cats, and you, can sleep in peace with the knowledge that the SureFlap Cat Door is protecting you.  Available at

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