A superb supersized sand sculpture on the South Bank of the Thames is a shout out to politicians who insist on ignoring repeated warnings of climate change.  

Supersized Sand Rat Stands Against Climate Change

Rats are known for leaving sinking ships but where do they – and us – go to when the entire planet is slipping beneath the waves? We don't pretend to speak for The Beach Party but their cleverly constructed (and ominously disturbing) sand sculpture of a somnolent (or worse) rodent fits right in with the group's principled stand against political inaction when it comes to climate change.

OK, if it were up to us we would have chosen an ostrich but come on... we dare you to try making THAT out of beach sand! Rats – even supersized ones – are a more practical choice even if, to quote The Beach Party, “OUR SCULPTURES ARE SAND, SO THEY ALL FALL APART”.

Supersized Sand Rat Stands Against Climate Change

The Beach Party dates back to the fall of 2006 when a homeless artist from London created a sand sculpture on the banks of the Thames River. Being as art isn't exactly a priority for the homeless, their effort proved to be of lasting inspiration to a nascent political movement.

You can read more about The Beach Party and view dozens of sand sculpture images at their website at dirtybeach.tv. As for this supersized sand rat from South Bank (images via Flickr member doubleoh2), it succumbed to time and tide long ago but it's good to know the impetus and activism that created it lives on.