If an octopus hiding in plain sight is your worst nightmare then be afraid, VERY afraid, 'cuz these “bakedako” gachapon figurines have got what it takes to tentacle your fancy.    

Bakedako camouflaged octopus figurines

The whiz kids at Takara Tomy A.R.T.S have done it again, conjuring up a quintet of camouflaged octopuses (octopii?) the likes of nothing you've ever dreamed... or should we say, nightmared.

Now as we all know, actual octupuses possess the ability to change their skin colors to blend in with their surroundings. This chameleon-like characteristic varies from one cephalopod species to the next. Natural camouflage is super-cool and all, but the designers of this Fearsome Five have effectively doubled down on the concept by associating each octopus's bulbous head with a similarly rotund (yet wholly unrelated otherwise) object.

Bakedako camouflaged octopus figurines

Thus we have the Apple Octopus, Baseball Octopus, Beach Ball Octopus, Takoyaki Octopus, and Watermelon Octopus. We especially love the “Takoyaki-dako” as it imitates the popular and delicious octopus ball delicacies often sold by Yakuza-affiliated kiosks at Japanese public spaces. The baseball-dako is nifty as well, down to the faux dirt and grass stains on its apparently game-used arms.

Each bakedako figurine measures roughly 3cm to 4cm (about an inch and a half) in size, and they're made of non-toxic PVC-ABS plastic. They cost 200-yen (about $2) each at a dedicated gachapon vending machine but if you want all five varieties without risking dupes, then purchase the complete set of five for a fixed price at online retailers like Rakuten. (via T-Arts and Gashaponshop)