Pet parents are already raving about this brand new 3-in-1 pet carrier by Sunny&Lucky. It's versatile, handsome, and very pet friendly.

Sunny&Lucky 3-in-1 Pet Carrier

Sunny&Lucky 3-in-1 Pet Carrier


Cats, in particular, could use a friendly carrier, as they seldom get to leave the house to go anywhere but the vet's office.  Being able to travel in their very own bed makes the trip a lot less stressful than having to be packed up in a hard metal and plastic box.

So Sunny&Lucky made a lovely convertible wool felt bed/cave/carrier for cats, small dogs, and other small animals like rabbits, ferrets, and pet rodents.  It is made of wool felt, faux leather, and breathable mesh. It has two openings; a snap closure on top and a zipper closure on the face of the bag.  There is a fleece blanket at the bottom which can be removed and washed.

Sunny&Lucky 3-In-1 Pet Carrier

Sunny&Lucky 3-In-1 Pet Carrier

The closure on the front of the bag opens and rolls up to provide an entry and an exit to a 'pet cave.' If you roll the outside of the bag outward, it provides an open bed for you pet. The carrier can also be folded flat for storage.

One drawback of the carrier is that there is not enough support in the bottom of the carrier when you lift the bag. A customer has suggested that a piece of covered plywood could be installed with a small cushion placed over it. 

Don't let that discourage you from taking a serious look at the Sunny&Lucky 3-In-1 Pet Carrier; it has 100 percent 5-star reviews from pet owners at this writing.


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