CatLady subscription gift boxes for humans and pets


First there was BarkBox, a unique monthly gift box full of dog treats, toys and other items delivered directly to your door and customized with your pets in mind. This business model was so successful that Prime Pet Box took notice and started providing customers with the same service, but as a one-off available for both cats and dogs. Now, there's Cat Lady, but it's not just for cats. It's for cats and their owners.

Crazy Cat Ladies

So, you're still young but you're well on your way to becoming a crazy cat lady. That's alright. After you hear about the booty that awaits you and your finicky feline via the Cat Lady monthly subscription gift boxes, you may want to get more cats.

Gift Boxes

That's because these gift boxes contain things like cat-themed shirts, jewelry, accessories, home decor items and more, plus goodies for your cat — or cats. It's like a stylized care package from mom when you were in college, but with more stuff you're actually interested in.


Cat Lady Gift Boxes

Limited Edition Offers

The site also lists limited editions as a perq for cat ladies themselves, but besides cool stuff to adorn yourself and your home in — and, of course, your cat's or cats' toys — there's another perq: each month Cat Lady donates money to cat rescues, because they're as passionate about cats as you are.

Cat Lady vs "Crazy" Cat Lady Boxes

If you decide your cat's had enough when it comes to toys, you can still order gift boxes just for yourself. Yup, you see there's actually a difference between Cat Lady boxes and "Crazy" Cat Lady boxes. If you're not ready to declare your craziness verbally but you don't mind showing it visually, the Cat Lady boxes only contain the fun girl stuff and home decor items, albeit all cat themed in nature.

It's the Crazy Cat Lady boxes that combine stuff for you and Mr. Pibbles or Princess Puddin' Pants. They cost just a bit more, but how can you leave your kitties out of the mix when it comes to getting gifts? Either way, even if you do decide to hog all the excitement for yourself, your cat will enjoy the cardboard box your haul of monthly goodies comes in. With cats, it's the simplest pleasures that reap the biggest rewards.


cat lady gift boxes

Purrrfect for Gift Giving

This is one of those services that makes an excellent gift for someone's birthday or Christmas. Everyone loves receiving fun packages in the mail. It's something to look forward to each month, just like when you were a little kid and you got something in the mail. It made you feel so special, and you just wanted more deliveries to come.

Now, besides bills nobody wants to see, you can actually have something to look forward to each and every month when opening your mailbox again.