The Submariner Camera combines the video prowess of a GoPro with the in-your-aquarium POV of a pet tropical fish.  

Submariner Camera Gives You A Goldfish-Eye View

Fasten a GoPro camera to your head and you can capture high-quality video anywhere you go... at least, anywhere you CAN go. To record video in very small spaces like, say, your living room aquarium, you'll either need to miniaturize yourself or buy a Submariner Camera.

The former isn't possible (at press time, anyway) but the Submariner Camera's on the market right now. Hope those goldfish and neon tetra are ready for their closeups!     

Submariner Camera Gives You A Goldfish-Eye View

The battery-powered Submariner Camera comes from CCP, a subsidiary of Bandai, and at 65mm by 78mm by 112mm (2.55” by 3.07” by 4.4”) it's small enough to navigate medium to large sized home aquariums.

Said navigation is conducted via an included infrared remote control, the layout of which will be familiar to veteran video gamers and a cinch for kids to master. Check out this video of the Submariner Camera in action:


Also included with the Submariner Camera is a bait-holding extension that looks a little like the Space Shuttle's Canadarm and draws fish into perfect camera range. A pair of LED headlights mounted on each side of the device provide extra illumination by day or night.  

The camera (VGA: 640×480 pixels, 30 FPS) can record video for about five minutes and its built-in 256MB internal memory can store around 800 photos (Quad-VGA: 1280×960 pixels). Hook up the included USB cable to upload selected photos and video to your computer. For more info, visit the CCP product page.