Subaru: Dog’s Best Friend

When you think of the many features automobiles offer the traveling public, you don’t necessarily think how those selling points will affect your dog. Yet dog owners are becoming more and more discerning in their car purchases these days, particularly when those automobiles are pet friendly. Sabaru is one of the most popular in this regard. If you haven’t figured out why, just check out one of their top-rated commercials.

However, according the James Riswick at Autoblog, “the company is doing a lot more for pets than simply keeping a handful of animal actors employed.”

“Subaru Loves Pets” campaign

Part and parcel of their focus in the “Subaru Loves Pets” initiative, the automaker has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals [ASPCA] to assist with animal rescues. It gave $285,000 to support 165 fee-waived adoption events this month throughout the country, involving 110 animal welfare organizations and 110 Subaru dealers.

The “Subaru Loves Pets Rescue Rides” program also contributed $150,000 through the ASPCA to 27 animal welfare organizations that transport dogs from overcrowded shelters to areas where homeless pets have a greater opportunity of being adopted.

For instance, with the increase of chihuahuas in Southern California animal shelters, Subaru coordinated the transport of these pooches to Utah, where that breed is less in numbers. Without these relocations, these canines ran the risk of being euthanized, especially in so-called "high kill" shelters. According to Subaru, its program have saved more than 21,250 animals to date.

The campaign continues . . .

Throughout October the car manufacturer dealerships will continue participating in pet supply drives for shelter animals and are providing "Subaru Loves Pets Shelter Supply Kits"  for families adopting a new pet.

With the help of BARK, creators of the BarkBox pet-themed subscription service, these kits include chew toys, reusable water and food bowls, leashes and of course treats for the dogs. For new pet-adopting families, Subaru will also be providing "new pet parent kits."

These special adoption events are made possible by a grant from ASPCA. If you want to find out if your local Subaru dealership is participating  you can find the full listing here.

"Subaru Loves Pets is our way of returning the love that our pets show us every day," said Tom Doll, President and COO of Subaru of America. "We are very happy to partner with the ASPCA and many local animal welfare groups, to help improve the health and well-being of animals across the country, and help them to find safe and loving homes."

Primary Source: Subaru Loves Pets