pet portraits by L'animophe
Works of the Masters                 (image via L'animophe screen shot)



Art comes in many forms, but not everyone agrees on what constitutes art. Who’s to say what art really is?  Well, just like beauty, it’s the beholder. They, or we, get to decide for ourselves what we find pleasing to the eye, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

We also have the right to hang portraits of our pets upon our walls, no matter how goofy or eccentric we’re deemed. One man figured that out, and now he’s making a killing off of his creative and stylized pet portraits, just in time for Christmas.


At one time, before the advent of the camera, portraits were a way of capturing likenesses for posterity. They soon became displays of immense wealth for titled or old-moneyed families, a status symbol, if you will, to line the walls of great halls in cavernous chateaus and mansions as a way of emulating royalty. It was among these groups that beloved family pets first found their way into portraits.

Pet Portraits

Now, you don’t have to be a blue blood to hang a likeness of Mr. Twiddles on your wall, and you don’t have to hire an artist to come in, forcing “Mr. T” into endless hours of sittings. All you need to do is reach out to L’animophe, a company that creates fully customizable pet portraits with an amusing slant.

Pet Art

Founded by Dutch designer Tein Traniello, it’s a form of pet art for your home that can be tailored to your tastes and the color palette of your humble abode. Customers are allowed to pick the apparel and backdrop their pets will be immortalized in, and I’ve gotta tell you this puts the doggy poker game tapestries to shame.


So, what’s involved? First off, you’re asked to submit a brief character description of your pet’s particular personality. This helps set the mood for what’s to come. Next, you’ll include a high-quality image of your pet’s winsome face. After that, you’ll be asked to submit pictures of the area of your home your masterpiece will hang in once it’s complete, assuring the tones match.

The Masters

The final step in the process is to choose from within a group of three sketches the one you find the most appealing. Traniello will then combine that sketch with the likeness of your pet for an utterly delightful and very unique image mounted on canvas and professionally framed to the tune of $300 to $500, depending on size.

Would you be willing to drop that kind of scratch on a pet portrait? Let us know in the comment section below.