The Kcomb 3-speed electric pet brush features deep-massaging vacuum teeth that absorb shed hair, debris and dander while promoting healthful circulation with a stimulating massage.

Kcomb Electric Pet Brush

Pets – especially long-haired dogs and cats – can be high maintenance, not that there's anything wrong with that. With that said, many pet owners would love for the daily rituals of brushing their pets and cleaning up the omnipresent scourge of shed pet hair to be made more convenient, aka quicker yet more efficient.

The Hong Kong Kcomb Co has heard those longings loud and clear, as have the 191 (and counting) backers who pledged HK$81,523 (US$10,390) to meet and surpass Kcomb's HK$50,000 (US$6,375) fundraising goal at Kickstarter. Kcombs are now listed at the product page priced at HK$513 (US$65) each.

Kcomb Electric Pet Brush

The Kcomb is stated to be the “World's First Electric Pet Brush To Avoid Skin Disease” and, based on its listed features, the claim may be more than just the usual promotional hype. Start with the 7 toothy prongs on the brush head: they're hollow, allowing the built-in 3-speed vacuum to act on dirt, dust and dander at the source. A replaceable cotton panel filters collected debris and stores inside the brush head where it can be quickly and easily disposed of later.

The Kcomb's unique absorption head is remarkably effective in stimulating blood circulation beneath the skin. Combined with the grooming action of actual brushing, your pet will experience a reduction in anxiety – and so will the human who's doing the brushing!  

Kcomb Electric Pet Brush

The Kcomb electric pet brush comes in your choice of pale blue or pastel pink, and its light weight (just 200 grams or 0.44 lbs) and ergonomic design makes it easy for both adults and children to use. A single button on the back of the brush head allows the user to cycle between the three progressive vacuum speeds – seven lightweight blades within the handle spin nearly silently at up to 34,000 rpm.

To charge the Kcomb, simply stand it on its wireless charging base. A full charge provides up to 3 hours of grooming. Watch this video to see the Kcomb in action! For more information and full technical specifications, please visit Kcomb online.