Just think: One piece of furniture that holds all or, at least, most, of your pet's food, medicine, toys, leashes... It's even a feeding station!


The Pet's Pantry

Pet's Pantry


Made especially for Hammacher Schlemmer, the Pet's Pantry is a welcome entry in the pet furniture category.  It is 32" high, 24" wide, and 14" deep. not an enormous piece of furniture, by any means, but look what the Pet's Pantry holds....


The Pet's Pantry

Pet's Pantry 


Quite a lot! Not only does the bottom draw open into a feeding station, including 7" food and water bowls, but the middle bin can hold 40 pounds of kibble!

I love the side hooks for holding leashes, collars, coats, and rain gear.!


The Pet's Pantry


The top draws are nice and deep too for your dog's grooming products, treats, small toys, medications and all the whatnots dogs we collect for our pups.  Pet's Pantry ships un-assembled, so you will have to put a few pieces together, and it's very solid at 55 pounds. No reason why you couldn't paint it to match your decor!

The Pet's Pantry is the most practical piece of pet furniture I have seen... besides a pet bed.

Again, it's available only at Hammacher Schlemmer and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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