What, your meticulously coiffed toy poodle, cockapoo, labradoodle or whatnot isn't cute enough all on its own? Hit the switch to sweetness overload by clothing your precious pet in a colorful striped onesie from Paul Frank.

For the sake of accuracy, let's just take a sec to specify these eye-popping dog and puppy outfits carry the familiar Paul Frank stylized monkey-face logo – that doesn't mean they're officially licensed by Frank's company or representatives thereof.

The product page features fine print alluding to the fact that Madonna designed these patterns for H&M but hey... caveat emptor is the key watchword, especially considering these onesies have been listed on Taobao, China's biggest online mall.

That said, the outfits are indeed eye-popping with several of the eight available color combos employing stripes of opposite colors such as pink/blue, purple/yellow, and orange/turquoise. A blue & white combo adds a third color, red, to trim the neck and sleeve hems.

Though one would imagine these onesies would look best on small dogs, seller Hage Pets is offering a range of sizes from XS up to and including XL. A large Rottweiler dressed up in one of these onesies would surely be a sight to see!  

The seller suggests several reasons why potential buyers should get one or more striped onesies for their pet: wearing one not can only effectively prevent mosquito bites, but also to keep your pet's body clean and lead to “a high rate of second glance.” No arguments here.