A Siberian stray dog dubbed “Frida” due to her incredibly prominent contrasting eyebrows has found a forever home along with online fame.        

Stray Dog Parleys Awesome Eyebrows Into Internet Stardom

The five-month-old stray hails from Bratsk, a city of roughly 250,000 located in southern Siberia. Volunteers from the local Dobrie Ruki (“Kind Hands”) animal shelter took the pale pooch in, assuming her startlingly dark eyebrows were perpetrated by a cruel prankster. A gentle but thorough washing didn't seem to make any difference to her quizzical expression, however.

“I've been working here at the shelter for a very long while but never saw anything like this”, explained keeper Olesya Novopoltseva to a reporter from BST Bratsk. “This is the case of hair pigmentation which doesn't depend on a breed,” added local vet Nadezhda Grozetskaya. “Like a birthmark, it might become a bit lighter with years but it will never disappear.”

Stray Dog Parleys Awesome Eyebrows Into Internet Stardom

The prognosis was a mixed bag for Frida, who was named after the infamously unibrowed Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. At first, families who visited the shelter were repelled by her distinctive appearance. Shelter staff then posted Frida's illustrated story online.

A young woman named Oksana Maymsina noticed the post, felt touched by Frida's predicament, and immediately applied to adopt her. “I actually cried when I saw a post about her,” stated Frida's new owner. “She is now called 'Betty' and she is incredibly smart,” added Maymsina, who has been busily promoting her totally-not-browbeaten new pet via Instagram and Russian TV news shows.

Stray Dog Parleys Awesome Eyebrows Into Internet Stardom

Check out “Betty” strutting her stuff in these videos from BST Bratsk and Vesti Irkutsk, and try not to raise YOUR eyebrows when she playfully tussles with a very chubby raccoon... what can we say, it's Russia! (via Siberian Times and Vesti Irkutsk)