Annoyed by fellow passengers always hogging the armrest? It could be worse: one traveler on a Japanese Bullet Train unknowingly shared his seat with a foot-long Rat Snake which, after being noticed by the conductor, brought the famous high-speed train to an unscheduled stop.  

Stowaway Snake Brings Japanese Bullet Train To A Speedy Halt

Staff at JR Tokai, the train's operator, estimate the snake had wrapped itself around the armrest of a reserved seat and had remained there for almost an hour before other passengers alerted the conductor. Immediate arrangements were made for the train to stop at the next available station at Hamamatsu, about 25 minutes further along the route, and it was decided Samuel L. Jackson's assistance was not required.

Stowaway Snake Brings Japanese Bullet Train To A Speedy Halt

Once the train arrived and snake-spooked passengers were escorted from the car, JR Tokai staff gingerly removed the bescaled beastie from its unauthorized perch and deposited it in a transparent container. Experts quickly determined the forked-tongued critter was a non-venomous Rat Snake and as none of the passengers put in a claim, it's likely the snake either stowed away inside someone's baggage or hitchhiked along with cleaning equipment.

In the end, nobody (including the snake) was injured during the course of the incident, the train only stayed at Hamamatsu station for one minute before resuming its trip, and most importantly... it arrived in Hiroshima right on time. (via The Seattle Times)