Stopping A Charging Elephant Without A Credit Card

If you were to check an elephant’s credit rating, you’d probably wouldn't be surprised to learn that pachyderms do leave home without their American Express . . . VISA too! But what about stopping an elephant from charging you? Well, of recent date, it was reported that there were two very brave men who knew exactly how to halt a elephant in his tracks.

Honeymoon Safari

In April, a very confident South African guide saved a honeymoon couple in the wild from being trampled to death. That's right. If you can believe it, Dean Oellosfse stopped a charging bull elephant with just a wave of his hand.

Lulu Shi, 39 and her husband Brett Larsen, 50 experienced a terrifying 'once in a lifetime exploit,’ days after they were married in the Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Larsen, a property developer from New Zealand, and his artist wife decided to take a walking safari at the end their week-long honeymoon holiday. After a 90-minute jaunt, they cited a large elephant on a hill. However, as they calmly stopped to admire the beast - they were terrified when he decided to charge them head-on.

It was then Oellofse stepped in, raised his hand and yelled at the elephant in Afrikaan. Amazingly — understanding the command — the bull halted immediately. Larsen recounted the elephant tried another two times to invade their space, but that, Oellofse's calm, cool and collective demeanor made the animal rethink its actions.

Stopping A Charging Elephant Without A Credit Card

"It was unbelievable. It looked like something out of a cartoon. His front feet dug into the ground in a cloud of dust. I could not believe what I was seeing," noted Larsen.

“With his right arm raised Dean was loudly commanding the elephant and it backed off. It was surreal. And what impressed me is that Dean didn't raise his rifle once,” added Larsen.

Keep Calm & Carry On

But Oellofse was not the only brave soul known for stopping a charging elephant. Even more dramatic than the honeymoon tale, was when trail guide Alan Mc Smith got “up close up and personal“ during a solitary encounter with a rambunctious elephant in December, 2017.

This video captures the heart-pounding incident that looks like something out of Indiana Jones adventure flick.

When other trail guides were questioned as to what they would have done, they all admitted they probably have just shot the animal in panic. 

Both Oellosfse's and Mc Smith's encounters are testament to an elephant's intelligence and complex behavior and shows how humans and animals are able to connect.   

Credit needs to be given to both men for understanding the psychology of an elephant and knowing how to use what they had learned. Would you be as brave, dear reader? Or would would you prefer to check these elephants' credit ratings before allowing them to charge?

Primary Source: Daily Mail