You think the IKEA Monkey was fashionably frocked? Fuggedaboutit! A certain silent and stoic cat from Japan has got the shearling-sporting simian beat every which way but loose. 

And loose it ain't: this kitty cat's coat fits so perfectly snug it had to have been custom made, possibly from cloth-of-gold. The subtle shade perfectly complements the colorful collar, leash and adornments that would appear positively gauche if they weren't balanced by the cat's supremely serene countenance.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves... just what is the deal with this cat and why is it so calm in the midst of cacophonous city traffic, threatening pet dogs and self-absorbed texting pedestrians? It seems that a Japanese blogger from the Tukioyobu website accidentally came across this distinctive city kitty which stood out like a sore thumb... a nattily-dressed sore thumb but you get the gist.

Stoic Zen Cat outclasses IKEA Monkey

Seemingly oblivious to the world around him (or her), the cat studiously ignored the potential threat of several “big dogs” nearby and instead, slipped effortlessly into some sort of metaphysical Zen parallel world.

If this were an average cat, its behavior would be noteworthy but this was no average cat: stout, short, small of ears, round of face, and possessed or a remarkable sense of self control... if cats could be monks, it would be the abbot.

IKEA Monkey

Add in the aforementioned coat & collar, and of course the leash (who walks a cat on a leash, besides Harry of Harry and Tonto?) and you've got a truly exceptional feline who probably doesn't even poop. As for the IKEA Monkey, well, what do you think?