The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and NSAL of America
Adopt me!


Fans of Stephen Colbert probably first got hooked on the comedian’s The Colbert Report before he made his way over to CBS and The Late Show in order to replace David Letterman. While the show may have initially got off to a rocky start, the funny man best known for his political rants has recently hit on a hilarious bit entitled Rescue Dog Rescue that animal lovers will likely enjoy. Involving celebrity guests and the North Shore Animal League, it centers around outrageous lies told in a bid to encourage animal adoptions.

Actress Aubrey Plaza

Fans of Parks & Rec’s Aubrey Plaza — the puppy-loving intern on the quirky TV show — was one of the first celebrities to give Colbert a hand with his new adoption program, and she played her part well. In Plaza’s effort to find homes for the puppies she lied about, she claimed one sweet little hound mix could talk, but chose not to as a form of protest against wage inequality, and that he had breath that smelled like freshly baked muffins. Another pup named Luna purportedly is a certified couples’ counselor and also has a degree in psychiatric medicine.

Actor Bryan Cranston

Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle dad Bryan Cranston came by during another episode to help Stephen out, and his lies, while not as lengthy, were probably even more entertaining. Sterling, his first pup up, was on the road to sobriety, so he’d make an excellent designated driver. Poppy, on the other hand, made Lin-Manuel Miranda the star he is today by granting him one wish — which made total sense, since, according to Cranston, Poppy is a “Norwegian wishing dog.”

Animal Rescue Programs

About halfway through the edition with Cranston, Colbert made note of the fact that all of the puppies in the first segment with Plaza were successfully adopted, so the embellishing hasn’t all been for not. If you weren’t aware, national puppy day was March 23. And while they’re just as sweet as can be, if you’re going to bring home a pet, see if you can’t find it in your heart to adopt one from a shelter, rather than buying one from a pet store or breeder. The animal you bring home will love you furever for it.