These reusable personalized Starbucks coffee cups allow pet owners to raise a toast to their furry friends while making the world a cleaner, greener, more pet-friendly place.

Starbucks Cat & Dog-Themed Coffee Cups from CleverHollyDesigns

Kudos to Holly Oberfield of CleverHollyDesigns for offering these cat- and dog-themed reusable Starbucks cups at her Etsy online sale site. Oberfield starts with genuine Starbucks® reusable cups, then applies customized vinyl decals that personalize these mundane containers to match the purchaser's stated specifications.   

The cups recall the pre-2011 Starbucks logo that featured an outer ring containing the words “Starbucks Coffee”, with the words separated by stars. CleverHollyDesigns restores the outer ring, adding “I Need Coffee Right Meow” for the Cat version and “Keep Your Paws Off My Coffee” for the “dog” version. Instead of stars, the words are separated by paw prints. The white plastic lids feature silhouettes of a cat and a dog, respectively.

Starbucks Covfefe Coffee Cup from CleverHollyDesigns

Oberfield manages to avoid potential copyright issues by using the same, genuine Starbucks® reusable cups sold at Starbucks stores. As she puts it, “You are receiving the cup free and paying for my time and the personalize(d) portion of the cup”. Clever indeed! Besides the satisfaction of being eco-friendly, you'll get a 10-cent discount with every fill-up at Starbucks.

As mentioned, these coffee (or “covfefe”, as the case may be) cups are made-to-order and are 100% reusable after a gentle hand-washing or top-shelf dishwashing. The cups are BPA-free and come only in 16 oz. “Grande” size. Prices range from $13.52 to $14.87 per cup, depending on the choice of color and degree of personalizing. For more info, please visit the CleverHollyDesigns Etsy page.