Star is the name of this beautiful Palomino horse. Her life was about to be cut short at the age of three by a debilitating neurological disease, muscular fasciculation.


Star, photo by Nadia Westra, via

"Star" photo by Nadia Westra, via


Fasciculation is characterized by involuntary 'twitches' of muscles. (Humans often experience fasciculation in their eyelids or in muscles that have been overworked, but their occurence is generally brief.) The origin of fasciculation is neurological, but its exact cause is unknown. Fasciculation in a horse can be degenerative. It may begin in the face, but eventually more muscle groups in the body become involved, particularly the legs. Weight loss generally occurs.

There are various suspected causes of fasciculation in horses, but Star went through every therapy known to the equine veterinarians who treated her. Star became anxious when even her owners, Deborah Carter and her son, Samuel, came near her, which exacerbated her symptoms.

“We exhausted all of the remedies, but we also exhausted a few vets in the process,” Deborah Carter told the Post Independent in Colorado. “I couldn’t let anybody be in her stall. She couldn’t control it. She was petrified. So we had made plans to actually euthanize her at 3 years old.”


"Star" photo by Nadia Westra, via

"Star" before muscular fasciculation: photo by Nadia Westra, via


What happened at the last moment has to be seen as a miracle, even to people who don't believe in miracles. As a last resort, veterinarians doing research in CBD at Colorado State University helped Ms. Carter determine an appropriate dosage of CBD for Star; this was going to be the final attempt to save Star's life.

The dose was administered.

The following morning, Ms. Carter went to Star's stall. As Carter reported to the Post Independent:

“The next morning I went into the barn and for the first time in probably six months her head was out of her stall window,” Carter explained. “I reached toward her, which the day before would have sent her into a fleeing panic.

“But she didn’t flee, and she didn’t panic.”

Whew! Ms. Carter couldn't give up now.

Further dosing of CBD almost eradicated Star's condition and she is alive and well as a very lucky Palomino horse.

As for Deborah and Samuel Carter, they supported more research into the effects of CBD not only on horses, but small animals and people. And they were so impressed with what they found, that they built a company, Trove, LLC, to develop and sell CBD products.


Trove LLC

via Trove LLC


Their own research led to the development of a 'trove' of CBD products for horses, small animals, and people that they now sell online - from oils, to massage treatments, to body balms. And a portion of every sale goes to support further health studies that "explore, determine and define the most effective uses, dosages, and administration options of CBD."


Trove liquid CBD products: photos by Avery Carter

Trove liquid CBD products: photo by Avery Carter


Visit Trove to support your own pets' health.


Post Independent, Trove LLC


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