SpotOn, Ride-share For Dogs

For those who like to use Uber or Lyft but travel with their dogs, not all ride-share drivers accept our furry-friends. For drivers, this is worrisome, particularly if they have allergies that would prohibit them from doing so.

SpotOn launched with two goals . . .

Users can request a ride from SpotOn's app and a vehicle will arrive, equipped with a seat cover and harness to buckle one's best friend into the backseat.

Secondly, the firm is also testing unaccompanied rides for dogs as well.

Regarding the second point, "we’re currently piloting that with our vet partners and we’ll be rolling out that feature to the general public . . . when we partner up with a major pet retailer here in New York City,” SpotOn CEO & Founder Aparna Srinivasan noted.

Pet Friendly

All our drivers are trained to accommodate pets. From Great Danes to Chihuahuas, our drivers are capable of taking you and your companion anywhere.

Launched last September, SpotOn provides over 5,000 rides in 30-day time period. It requires all of its drivers to have a license from the Taxi and Limousine Commission, and screens them by running their names through an animal cruelty database.

Where Available

SpotOn is currently only available in New York City, but is aiming to expand in cities like San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago.

Variety of Purposes

SpotOn's drivers can accommodate a variety of breeds for a variety of purposes.  Their promo states, "Taking a Yorkie to the groomer for a fresh cut? We got you covered. Taking your Great Dane to the park? We got you covered."

Drivers Wanted . . .

Like Uber and Lyft drivers, SpotOn is recruiting drivers.

Apps available on iPhones & Androids . . .

SpotOn is available on both iPhone and Android. Simply download to get started! Whether you want to offset your costs, cover your bills, or fund your vacations, driving on SpotOn is another side hustle option to allow you to be your own boss.

Primary Source: SpotOn