The SPOT Push 'n Pop looks like a pet feeder, but your pet may just think it's a toy! Perhaps that's why this won the coveted Best In Show in the Boutique category at the 2019 Global Pet Expo!


Spot Push 'n Pop

Push 'n Pop Slow Feeder For Dogs & Cats


So how does the Push 'n Pop work? Well, you fill the top of the bowl with small kibble or other small treats, put the feeder on the floor, your pet pushes the feeder around, and food pops out! Look at these dogs at work:



Now, watch how intrigued this kitty works the Push 'N Pop:



The innovative food bowl not only keeps your pet from eating her food too quickly, but offers exercise and the element of surprise, which make the meal or treat experience fun! When pushed, the bowl pops out food from three spouts and the food may land anywhere.


Push 'N Pop Slow Feeder

SPOT Push 'n Pop Slow Feeder


The Push 'n Pop is, no doubt, clever, but how do actual customers evaluate it in terms of their own pets' interactions with it?

Most reviewers are pleased with this slow feeder's performance and congratulate the designer's ingenuity. Their pets have a lot of fun chasing the feeder around and it keeps them busy for quite a while. The most positive reviews come from owners of small dogs, young cats, and pigs. Yes, pigs!

Although the product is advertised for pets up to 75 pounds, the more critical reviews come from owners of large dogs or customers whose treats or kibble are too large for the popper to pop out. You need to use small kibble and don't fill the bowl, as too much food will block successful performance of the popper mechanism.

If you have a small to medium size dog or cat, I think it's worth a try! After all, it keeps them busy, curious, and active, and makes dinner really special.


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