Here’s a special little something for the four-legged foodie in your life: Venison Joe’s has a huge variety of smoked, natural and all-American beef, deer and bison products. As someone who’s sick of giving Jessie the golden retriever generic processed “bones” from the pet store to satisfy her chewing needs, Venison Joe’s is a welcome sight.


It is apparent that the crew who prepares the bones put a ton of care and effort to ensure that your dog gets a quality treat that is well worth your money. The entire series of ultra-durable bones are free of preservatives, hormones, artificial colors and other unnatural additives. Outside of the obvious benefits of giving a hardcore chewer a pure and tough bone is the novelty of allowing your dog to chew one bones that most modern canines don’t get to sample. Yummy!

Some of the more exotic chews include Texas bison knuckles, meaty wild boar bones, ostrich marrow, elk bones and deer antlers of all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking to get something for the dog with a crocodile’s jaws who has everything, I’d wholeheartedly recommend that you poke around Venison Joe’s kitchen to see what’s on the menu.

Wild Boar BoneWild Boar Bone

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