Meet Speedy, the goat who turned out to be a birthday present and a life-saver all in one adorable package.


Speedy the Sweet Goat
Speedy The Sweet Goat

Barely two months ago, little Abigail Bruce from Weiner, Arkansas, got a goat as an early birthday present. It only took two days for little Speedy to steal his caretakers' hearts and save their lives as well. That night, he woke Abigail about 1am by bouncing on her and screaming. In that instant through the darkness, she saw the smoke curling in her room and heard the windows bursting outside. She ran to wake her dad who was sound asleep in his bed at their home in the 600-block of North Prairie Street. (See: Cat Saves Family From Fire.)

In Nick' s own words; "We just got the goat and I personally did not like it. I didn't want anything to do with the goat, but after this weekend, some would say the timing of the goat's arrival was perfect...Speedy is not going anywhere!" Until they can  get back on their feet, the Bruce family (and Speedy too. of course) are staying at the house of a good friend. (See; Cat Saves Trapped Neighbor.)

Goats are becoming more and more popular as barnyard pets. They are smart, funny, sociable and very affectionate, but owning and caring for a goat is a big commitment. For Nick Bruce, Speedy the hero goat is and forever will be a part of their family unit. Their home was completely ruined by the blaze, but no one was hurt, thanks to quick-acting Speedy. (See: Sassy the Chihuahua.)

Abigail loves her four-legged life-saver. She told the press: "I'm so glad we got the goat before the fire happened or we wouldn't be here. I think he means a lot right now. Well, not just right now, but forever."

A Pensive Speedy
Pensive Speedy

Nick Bruce was also very grateful to the local Weiner Fire Department.  He said: "They were great. They got there immediately and assisted my family until the end. They even continued to call and check on us, so I am very appreciative of them."

Many caring friends and neighbors have stepped up to help the Bruce family. They have received much support and many donations of food and clothing. In addition, the Jonesboro Fire Department is taking in  even more donations for this family in need. According to Fire Department Captain, Anthony Roberts, donations can be made  via any fire station in the city of Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Here's to Speedy and his whole family!

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