Cats don't really care where they climb or where they hide, and if you live in a small house or apartment, you may not have enough space to put a cat climber in the middle of a small enough living area.  Kittywalk Systems has a great idea -- a Cozy Cat Climber you can hang on any door, even in your closet!

Though Kittywalk's Cozy Cat Climber is flexible -- made of a tight-weave awning fabric -- it is reportedly very sturdy -- one customer reported that her four cats, with a combined weight of 100 pounds, played in the Cozy Climber without it falling down, breaking or tearing. Now that's an endorsement.

Five levels (54") high, including one cozy penthouse to sleep upon, gives your cat plenty of space to himself to play or to nap. There are two portals on each level for entry and exit, and the Cozy Cat Climber even comes with a detachable awning.  The fleece platform on the penthouse floor is removable and washable.

Kittywalk's Cozy Cat Climber is available at

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